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When to hire a new employee

Your business is growing, you have less and less time to spend with your family, and you’re rushing through jobs to fit them all in. You might even find yourself turning work away. These could be signs the time has come to hire more employees, and take your business...

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Setting prices for food businesses

Coming up with a food menu in your bar can be exciting, but setting prices is a balancing act. You need to account for the costs involved with providing food to customers, and it's vital you consider absolutely every ingredient that goes into your dishes. Once you...

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New website showcases innovative approach to accounting

Our last website wasn’t terrible! We had already gone through a rebranding exercise, eager to distance ourselves from the staid and grey-blue image of the majority of accountants.  Our new colours and logo shoe-horned into the old site were bright, vibrant, friendly...

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What our clients say about us

“Excellent communication and follow up to any queries or issues I am having in my business and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Evans & Partners to others.”

J. Morgan

“A swift professional service that is warm, welcoming and not condescending, accountants and tax advisors for those who just don’t understand” 

N. Cooke

“Evans & Partners are a breath of fresh air.  They really know how to make good use of cloud computing resources and this brings great efficiency…”

J. Rolfe

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