Securing the money you need; at the right time

As the saying goes, you have to ‘speculate to accumulate’ and in modern small business circles, keeping on top of your finances and having the wherewithal to keep the business on track and in growth is crucial.

At Evans & Partners we believe in having a strong partnership with our clients, and are often instrumental in helping them achieve the business finance they need, through all our  contacts in the world of finance.

It is no good having a great product if you don’t manage your cash-flow and many a good business has fallen foul of this mantra.  There are several different ways of accessing finance for your business and our latest  ‘Active Update’: Business Finance’, explores your options.

Loans are the most common financing solution, but you could also sell a stake in your business to an equity partner.  An overdraft could form a short-term solution, or invoice financing based on unpaid invoices.

A less traditional form of finance which is becoming more and more popular is crowdfunding.

Whichever path you choose weighing up the costs and benefits is key and putting together a robust business plan for banks and potential investors.

Please read our Business Finance article where we cover all these points in more depth.

If you would like help to work out the best route for financing your business, please get in touch: or give her a call on 0117 967 5215