Our last website wasn’t terrible! We had already gone through a rebranding exercise, eager to distance ourselves from the staid and grey-blue image of the majority of accountants.  Our new colours and logo shoe-horned into the old site were bright, vibrant, friendly and welcoming, but they couldn’t convey clearly that this is a modern, pioneering accountant.

So, with a website, very long in the tooth, well over 10 years old, and definitely not google-requirement responsive, it was time for a rethink.  A back to the drawing board rethink.

The client is king!

The old website was all about who we are and what we do.  The new site is all about the client, their business needs and how we can help them ‘get their weekend back’.

‘Love your business and still have a life’  is the central philosophy.

PracticeWEB helped us to clarify our strategy through a series of workshops, focussing on the personas of our ideal clients, and understanding our business values.

We started from the standpoint that it’s obvious that we can do accounts, provide a tax or Vat return.  What’s more important to clients, is that we understand their business and can help them automate their finances to run more efficiently and easily. The aim is to free up time for them to think about their strategy and provide them with the number crunching to do this.

Smart Technology

Olly Evans had a vision of the accounting future back in 2010 and partnered with Xero cloud accounting software in its UK infancy.  Xero is central to providing a brilliant service for clients, they get an insight into their business in real-time, allowing them to react more swiftly to opportunities and put things right quicker.

On the new website we split client needs into 2 services:

Real-time accounting – using intuitive tech, Xero and Receiptbank to help you get your paperwork in order.

Love My Business – the natural next step from Real-time accounting, using the figures to help you work on your business, not in it.

Past, present and future

It’s our 75th anniversary this year, the firm was started in 1943 by Stanley Evans.  Heritage, experience, helping Bristol business since the second world war are very important to convey on the new site.

But it’s definitely not all about the past, the new site reflects our progression and a modern, technological approach.  The firm is still very much about helping businesses thrive, but also about helping business owners see and plan for their future success.

The result

Olly Evans says ‘the new site combines a sense of heritage, together with our unique and modern approach to helping clients with their accounting needs in the 21st century’.

Cathy Nech, director adds ‘the independent testimonials on the site let our clients speak for themselves and allow businesses wanting a progressive and supportive accountant to make up their own mind.


Get in touch if you want help getting your weekend back.