My first contact with Evans and Partners was several years ago when I was on the hunt for a new accountant but I decided not to engage with them for reasons of cost. Running several businesses and having the complexities of employed staff, VAT thresholds and just being generally crap at admin I realise now that I missed an opportunity all those years ago.

I re-engaged with Olly and his team about six months ago now and my affairs were in a mess. Payroll was not being done properly, my accounts were late again and again and the money I saved in not using Evans and Partners in the first place had been spent in lost productivity, late penalties and generally wasted time chasing issues. Let’s not mention the stress of dealing with HMRC.

My initial meeting with Olly was a wow from the moment I sat down. He knew my history, had notes from our original meeting years ago and was very attentive to where I was currently and what my aspirations are. He knew my business better than any of my previous accountants and where I had made mistakes he was quick to offer solutions. I walked away, went to the pub and cried in a pint thinking of where I’d be now had I only just spent the extra money. What I was buying was value.

Evans and Partners are quick, work to a high standard and nothing seems to be an issue. I have a regular contact who took the time to again speak face to face about my business, expectations and what I needed. And Peter is delivering. My accounts are up to date, organised and my next step is being able to get the information to him for my accounting deadlines. Which for me is a business goal any day of the week.

If you’re on the look-out for a new accountant I would highly recommend Evans and Partners. As a business owner and coach myself, the value you receive to regain your time, sanity and reduce your stress levels is worth every penny.” – Mark, BB.