When we talk to people about what they want from their business personally, they often describe their free time rather than professional achievements.

They talk about coaching their daughter’s youth football team, being able to switch off during a beach holiday or simply having a Saturday morning lie-in.

Yes, work is important, but the phrase we hear time and again is, “My business is my passion but I don’t want to live and breathe it 24/7”.

We get it – you love your business but you still want to have a life.

So here are some tips on how our favourite cloud technology, Xero, can save you time and help give you a break from work.

Keep on top of admin

No one likes admin but the trick is to tackle it in small chunks rather than letting it build up.

Xero stops the mountain of paperwork by making everyday tasks easy.

This is what one of our clients, Mr J Rolfe says: “Bookkeeping is now a breeze and because Xero makes it so easy to do this as we go along (rather than ‘binge bookkeeping’ once a quarter!). I have a much more up-to-date picture of my business finances.”

Take bank reconciliation for example. You can link your bank account with Xero, meaning all your information is at your fingertips.

Instead of manually checking transactions against your bank account, you simply click a button and review the results.

Eliminate the piles of receipts

Receipts are the bane of many business-owners lives.  Wouldn’t you like no more data entry, no more paper? Just more time doing what you love? Xero Add-on ReceiptBank is the solution many business owners are desperate for.

ReceiptBank uses your smart phone for photographing your receipts and invoices.  It is then straightforward to extract the data, and integrate it with your finances in Xero.  

‘We have cut our bookkeeping time in half’ – says Leah Moore from Digit Books.

Share the load

Xero lets multiple users access the same set of accounts, so you don’t have to shoulder the burden alone.

Trusting other people with your business’ finances is a big step so it’s important to make time for training.

We offer free webinars and training sessions to help you and your team make the most of Xero.

Automate the time suckers

Bank imports and transaction matching can be tedious even for natural number crunchers.

With Xero you can automate routine jobs, saving your brain power for more important tasks.

Our client Hannah says that Xero “appeals to the lazy bookkeeper in me”.  

She goes on to explain, “my bank feeds are automatically imported so my accounts are really easy to reconcile. I can use the reporting system to get a real time snapshot of my business whenever I need it.”

Automate your invoice chasing

If you use Xero, it can transform credit control for your business.  

An Add-on app such as Chaser will integrate seamlessly with Xero, and allow you to automate chasing customers to pay their invoices.

It’s a great addition to your finance team, saving time and boosting cashflow.

Create templates for everyday tasks

Do you find that you’re always typing the same emails or invoices?

Creating templates for the things you do regularly, such as repeating invoices for rent, will soon save you precious time.

Talk to us

It’s easy to switch to Xero (even if you already use cloud accounting software). We’re here to help and give you the training you need to make it a success. Find out more about Xero.

Xero is just one of the ways we help you get your processes slick, focus your work and carve out some sought-after me time. Get in touch to find out more.