“Using Xero has revolutionised the way I think about accounting, bookkeeping and the state of my business. Bookkeeping is now a breeze and because Xero makes it so easy to do this as we go along (rather than ‘binge-bookkeeping’ once a quarter!). I have a much more up-to-date picture of my business finances. This in turn makes forecasting and planning much easier and enables me to keep on top of targets and monitor progress. Having experts at Evans on tap to help me is great. Whenever a question occurs to me I just log it via Xero and I always receive a prompt and clear reply. I’ve set up automated transactions for reconciling my bank statements. This means that I can now complete a quarterly VAT return in around 15 minutes! This won’t apply to everyone, our business has many predictable transactions and only very simple expense claims, but it indicates what can be achieved. It used to take me half a day.” – J Rolfe, Cactus.