Independent shops like Bluebells of Bath thrive in the UK retail sector by offering unique and appealing products. However, behind every thriving retail shop is a robust accounting system.

Our work with Bluebells of Bath, a charming gift shop in Bath, provides a shining example of how embracing modern accounting solutions with Evans & Partners can propel a business forward.

Client background

Run by owner Alice Kemp, Bluebells of Bath is a delightful independent shop that’s carved a niche selling contemporary home decor, gifts, fashion accessories, partyware, and children’s toys. The shop stocks renowned brands such as Bomb Cosmetics, Mad Beauty, and Sass & Belle, establishing itself as a go-to destination for quality and variety.

Case study: Bluebells of Bath

The challenge

As a small business owner, Alice faced the daunting task of managing her accounting processes efficiently. Coming from a non-bookkeeping background, she needed a solution that was user-friendly yet comprehensive enough to handle the diverse aspects of her business, including integrating card machine payments from the shop, website sales, and Stripe sales.

The solution

Evans & Partners stepped in to provide Alice with the initial training on the Xero platform, also offering refresher sessions down the line to keep her skills sharp. Xero, known for its simplicity and efficiency, was an ideal choice for someone like Alice, who, while tech-savvy, lacked familiarity with accounting software. Despite this, she found Xero easy to learn and use.


Implementing Xero revolutionised the way Bluebells of Bath handled its accounting. Alice could now integrate various sales channels into one platform, making it easier to track and manage finances. The time saved on manual accounting tasks allowed Alice to focus more on growing her business.
In particular, registering for VAT and VAT returns became a breeze with Xero, as most of the necessary information was already reconciled in the system.

Key benefits of Xero

  • Efficiency: Transitioning from paper-based accounting to Xero saved significant time and reduced errors.
  • Accessibility: Evans & Partners provided readily accessible support, ensuring Alice felt confident in managing her finances.
  • Simplicity: Xero’s user-friendly interface made it easy for Alice to keep on top of her bookkeeping, even with a non-technical background.
  • Integrated solutions: With add-ons like Vend and Shopify, Xero seamlessly connected retail operations with accounting, providing a holistic view of the business’s financial health.

Client’s voice

Alice Kemp, owner of Bluebells of Bath, praised Evans & Partners, highlighting our quick responses, helpful guidance, and how easy the Xero platform was to use: “They’re very accessible and are always there when I need them”.

Alice also offered some advice for other business owners:

“My tip is to keep on top of your bookkeeping. Set aside a few hours once a week or even once a month – depending on how many incomings and outgoings you have – to actually sit down and get it done”.



Bluebells of Bath’s experience with Evans & Partners and Xero is a compelling case for any retailer looking to streamline their accounting processes. The blend of personal training, ongoing support, and cutting-edge technology we provide exemplifies our commitment to empowering small businesses.

As Alice Kemp’s story shows, even those new to the technologies can harness the power of modern accounting solutions to focus more on what they do best – running their business.

If you’re a business owner looking for a modern, efficient way to manage your finances, consider the path Bluebells of Bath took with Evans & Partners. Embrace the future of accounting and give your business the attention it deserves. Reach out to us today to learn how we can tailor our services to your unique needs.