“Outstanding service.”

“Outstanding service. After being let down time and time again by previous accountants I now know I am in caring/intelligent hands that go the extra distance to provide a 360 service. 10/10.” – S. Stimpson.

“Using Xero has revolutionised the way I think about accounting.”

“Using Xero has revolutionised the way I think about accounting, bookkeeping and the state of my business. Bookkeeping is now a breeze and because Xero makes it so easy to do this as we go along (rather than ‘binge-bookkeeping’ once a quarter!). I have a much more up-to-date picture of my business finances. This in turn makes forecasting and planning much easier and enables me to keep on top of targets and monitor progress. Having experts at Evans on tap to help me is great. Whenever a question occurs to me I just log it via Xero and I always receive a prompt and clear reply. I’ve set up automated transactions for reconciling my bank statements. This means that I can now complete a quarterly VAT return in around 15 minutes! This won’t apply to everyone, our business has many predictable transactions and only very simple expense claims, but it indicates what can be achieved. It used to take me half a day.” – J Rolfe, Cactus.

“Intuitive and easy to use.”

“Perfect for small businesses. Intuitive and easy to use. So glad we converted to Xero!” – Sarah, Creative Media Business.

“I can’t recommend it enough.”

“I have been using Xero for the last 2 years.  My bank feeds are automatically imported so my accounts are really easy to reconcile.  I can also use the reporting system to get a real time snapshot of my business whenever I need it.  It’s made me feel much more in control of the financial side of my business and appeals to the lazy bookkeeper in me.  Evans & Partners set it all up for me and are always on hand to answer any questions I have – I can’t recommend it enough.” – Hannah, Elephant Grey Ltd.

“Evans & Partners can give us advice in real time.”

“As a rapidly expanding start-up, our cash-flow is our life-blood, and looking after it carefully means that we have to have great systems to know how much money is flowing in and out of the business at any time.  Xero helps us keep track of everything, and because everything is online, Evans & Partners can give us advice in real time.  Absolutely magnificent, I have no idea how people were able to effectively run a business before Xero came along!” – Haje, Photographic Entrepreneur.

“we’ve found Xero incredibly simple.”

“As a new business, we’ve found Xero incredibly simple and dare I say it, even fun to use. It’s transparent, clear and quick, giving you easy access to all your important financials.” – Charlie, Entrepreneur.

“outsourcing payroll to Evans & Partners was a no brainer.”

“In terms of the time saved and stress avoided, outsourcing payroll to Evans & Partners was a no brainer.  We decided to use Evans & Partners payroll service as this fits in perfectly with the overall tax planning service that they provide to us.” – Phil, Adventus Ltd.

“always found the staff to be very helpful and highly efficient.”

“I have used the payroll service since starting my business over 10 years ago and have always found the staff to be very helpful and highly efficient.  It saves me many hours a month and it is always useful to have an independent expert to advise both staff and employees.  This avoids many potential disputes.” – Jim, Beauty Smiles Ltd.