“outsourcing payroll to Evans & Partners was a no brainer.”

“In terms of the time saved and stress avoided, outsourcing payroll to Evans & Partners was a no brainer.  We decided to use Evans & Partners payroll service as this fits in perfectly with the overall tax planning service that they provide to us.” – Phil, Adventus Ltd.

“always found the staff to be very helpful and highly efficient.”

“I have used the payroll service since starting my business over 10 years ago and have always found the staff to be very helpful and highly efficient.  It saves me many hours a month and it is always useful to have an independent expert to advise both staff and employees.  This avoids many potential disputes.” – Jim, Beauty Smiles Ltd. 

“a great service.”

“Payroll has become more complicated and time consuming over the years, I was relieved to hand it over to Mark and Jackie at Evans & Partners.  I tell them now how much to pay our employees and let them do the hard work, a great service.” – Gail, Thompson Utilities Ltd.

“have been an integral part of our success.”

“Evans & Partners have been our trusted accountants and financial advisors since 2007 and have been an integral part of our success.  We run a complex payroll with lots of temporary part time staff from all over the world and we trust Evans & Partners to handle this side of our business” Shaun, Freestyleextreme Trading Ltd.

“When I first approached Evans & Partners I was blown away.”

“When I first approached Evans & Partners I was blown away, initially by their customer service but then also their quick response time in giving me adequate details for services they could offer me and my company.  Olly is very thorough and I feel that he and I are always on the same page.  He is a very friendly, approachable guy with an open mind into assisting you as much as possible.  I endeavour to remain with Evans & Partners for a long time to come.” – Kurt Davis, Securist Ltd.

“thank you very much for the support and advice.”

“We would like to thank you very much for the support and advice you gave us during the director’s dispute we had.  Without your advice we feel that we would have ended up with nothing.  As it stands Phil is trading with the new company and his reputation has remained very much intact.

We would recommend you to anyone that needs sound advice. Derek was a godsend.  When we needed the best advice and support, he was the best and his knowledge and expertise helped us through a challenging time.” – Electrical Installations Company.

“tirelessly helpful, responsive and meticulously clear assistance.”

“I feel very grateful for the tirelessly helpful, responsive and meticulously clear assistance I have received from Deborah Sawyer in working with her as my accountant.  Deborah has always been swift in her response to any question I had, demonstrating high levels of expertise in tax law and the integrity and commitment to pursue any question that required further investigation to its most expert response.  Personally, I have always found Deborah warm and welcoming, with a great capacity to communicate ease and clarity in meeting my accounting needs. Thank you Deborah.” – J. Darrell-Rew.