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Selling your business to retire

Serial entrepreneurs will know it takes time to sell a business. However, when it comes to your final sale, the added task of retirement planning means things can move even more slowly. It’s a big decision that shouldn’t be rushed so the sooner you can start planning,...

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We’re celebrating our 75 year anniversary!

Accountancy is changing, and the change is rapid. Evans & Partners, established in 1943, one of the oldest, family-run accountancy firms in Bristol, are proud of their long history. But this doesn’t mean that they have let the grass grow under their feet.  Far...

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Small Practice of the Year 2017 – Winner

It’s a great #Fridayfeeling at Evans & Partners this morning.  We have pinched ourselves and yes, this Bristol Accountant has indeed won Small Practice of the Year 2017 at the Practice Excellence Awards. Olly Evans, Cathy Nech, Diana Britton and Angela Evans were...

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How tech can make your life easier

Making tax digital (MTD) is the name for the government’s ambitious plan to move tax records and reporting online. It aims to make collecting tax more accurate and help businesses get their tax right first time. Businesses and individuals will have a digital account...

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Gromit Unleashed 2 locations revealed

Here is the press release from The Grand Appeal: Gromit Unleashed 2 locations revealed! 16.05.18: Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity, has revealed the locations and sponsors for its sixty-plus sculptures of Academy...

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Proud sponsors of The Grand Appeal

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How much should I pay myself?

Being a workaholic has become something of a status symbol in recent years. Social media is full of stories of entrepreneurs who get by on 4 hours of sleep, never take a holiday and build a million dollar empire. The general gist is that the only path to success is to...

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Tackling staff turnover in the restaurant industry

Attracting and retaining the right staff is an issue for most business owners. In the restaurant industry, where the hours are long and the pressure is high, keeping hold of brilliant employees is a bigger challenge. Turnover in the hospitality and tourism sector is...

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Diana Britton – Client Manager

What's it like to work for Evans & Partners? I started with Evans & Partners in 2015 and during that time I have been promoted from Senior Accountant to Client Manager in charge of a team of accountants.  I love that the firm recognises and appreciates my hard...

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It’s no use hiding: HMRC tax investigations

It's very difficult to avoid a tax investigation by the HMRC, there is nowhere to hide.  Even if everything is in order, whether you are a small soletrader or CEO of a multinational business, you could well be selected for a random check.  The spotlight shines on...

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Online self-assessment

HMRC use self-assessment to collect tax from those people who own a business or receive income outside of formal employment. The deadline for online submission, which is etched on most people's minds who have to do this, is 31 January 2018. Getting on with it as early...

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Autumn Budget 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond had a rocky path to negotiate in his 2nd budget.  He needed to avoid any dangerous 'u turns' following the Spring Budget and it seems that, so far anyway, he has avoided falling into the abyss. There were a few good news stories however. ...

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What our clients say about us

“Excellent communication and follow up to any queries or issues I am having in my business and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Evans & Partners to others.”

J. Morgan

“A swift professional service that is warm, welcoming and not condescending, accountants and tax advisors for those who just don’t understand” 

N. Cooke

“Evans & Partners are a breath of fresh air.  They really know how to make good use of cloud computing resources and this brings great efficiency…”

J. Rolfe

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